Foyn Tønsberg | Artist | Solli


Upcoming Events

    Through my years of experience in nightlife and working with different party concepts, the number one thing which stands out as the most important key in every successful event is the crowd.

    Next to being a Dj I have always loved to organize and create special happenings for my friends and network.

    Solli Sounds is my concept where I focus about music & guests. I want my guests to feel special coming to my event. I want them to know they are a key to a successful experience.

    I played professional football and have loved being a team player all my life. However to understand what x-factor you can deliver individually is what in the ends really helps the team to break boundaries.

    I am happy and excited to keep following my dream of being the DJ who delivers a total entertainment package performance in some of the worlds hottest venues.

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